Our Vision:

A world where women are not outcast for choosing LIFE for their unborn children.

Our Mission:

To support women through Birth and Beyond, and for choosing LIFE for their unborn babies, in a Christ- centered environment. 

5 Year Plan:

  • Broadly increase counseling services
  • Increase in Outreach services at shelters
  • Continue with Homeless Advocacy
  • Hire Staff to provide Outreach & Development
  • Fundraise to support Initiatives
  • Move to a larger office (18 years in current space)

2018-2019 Goals:

  • Lives Saved: 1,000- 2,000/year (20X increase)
  • Families Assisted: 5,000 (10X increase)
  • Young Adults reached via Social Media: 50,000/year (10X increase)

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