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The Beginning

Jenny and Kun, a young couple from mainland China that walked into our center in early January 2012 were tense and anxious. They were looking to have an abortion because there was so much uncertainty about their future. He was a graduate student and was also working at a large Silicon Valley company. They were on their way to achieving their American dream when he lost his job and health benefits. Everything they were hoping for to build their future was going up in smoke. Having a baby at this time would be impossible.

Our Meeting

Truth and genuine concern at a time of crisis can dispel fear and plant seeds of hope in the hearts of mothers and fathers. When Jenny saw the fetal models we held out to her, two large tears slid down her cheeks. They left clutching the piece of paper with a list of referrals. When we called a month later to see how they were both doing, they were overjoyed. Right after they made the decision to keep their child, he found an excellent, better paying job with another company. Christians call this a miracle, atheists call it luck.


That is what Jenny called it when she came to visit us to show off her growing belly, so radiant with anticipation over her baby boy arriving in August. She told us her baby was bringing them luck, we called it blessings, the natural consequence of choosing what is right in the eyes of God.The issue of atheism and Christianity started to weave itself into our conversations. She is a child of Communism, born into a culture that teaches religion is for the weak. One of our counselors fondly refers to Jenny as our innocent atheist.

Faith & Giving Back

Jenny is beginning to see how faith moves people to reach out in love towards strangers. She basks in the affection and family atmosphere at the center. It attracts her to come more often, even offering to counsel our Chinese speaking clients. She wants to volunteer. Jenny broods over the unborn girl babies that are lost to abortions in China; she personally knows of one mother that has aborted five unborn baby girls after her ultrasounds because the one-child policy pressures families to choose only boys.

Her Letter

Jenny composed a letter to pregnant Chinese mothers facing the possibility of having a girl through a social networking site for mothers in China. Jenny is now on a mission to save babies. Her letter translated from her dialect reads in part:

"This little life in your womb is already a living, breathing human being. She has a heartbeat; she is growing close to your heart. She has little fingers and feet. She can somersault, she can share your feelings—when you are happy or when you are sad. She can even hear adults voices say she will be abandoned. The most important thing is she can feel pain. If you are a mother, please hold on and don’t let your baby be ripped apart in your womb no matter how hard it may seem. I used to be only somebody’s daughter; I am also a mother now. I understand better what it means to be a mother. I was born in the 80’s, the first generation of the one-child policy. My father was the eldest child of five. Before I was born, there were so many hopes and expectations about my gender. After I was born, my mother wanted to protect me, which meant, she had to cut all ties with my father’s family (because I did not meet their expectations). Daughters are closer to their parents. Please keep your baby girl. As her mother, you are the only one that can protect her.
I am an ocean away from you and these words may not make up for your suffering. Be strong; be steadfast in your decision. Here in the States, there are organizations that help mothers and children. If you are going through the 'boys are better than girls' social pressure, there are contacts you can use if you consider adoption for your baby girl."

Jenny many not believe in miracles, but grace is growing within her soul. After all, it was a miracle that brought her and Kun to our center when they were looking for the Planned Parenthood next door. Jenny delivered her beautiful baby Michael in late August, and in love with her sweet baby.

What a precious ministry this is—it is not only about saving lives, but also about saving souls.

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